Ex-Navy Seal Checks http://www.mywebpal.com/illinois/water-damage-chicago For Guides On Preventing Water Damage In His Winery

Life after serving the Navy seal could only go two ways – tough or tougher. That is why when we retire, we make sure to find a way cultivate an activity that would help us cope with the post-trauma, and help us recover ourselves and become normal and happy citizens again.

I have shared the story of a retired navy seal who turned into a plant lover just so he can fully be happy with his life after the seals.

Now, I will share the story of another friend of mine from the seals who now lives Chicago who has turned to winery as his path to a fresh start, and has started a small wine business.

While we chitchatted about life, we came to discuss about his business, wherein I got to learn a lot of things.

On a funnier note, he told me the story of why the biggest enemy is wine is water. If water is mixed with wine, the taste of the wine will be affected, making it lose its beauty and exquisiteness in taste, he said.

Of course, he also shared that this is not an absolute case, because there are wines that are placed in ice before it is served while there are wines that needed to be kept in room temperature and free from all types of moist and dew. However, when the wine is not yet set to be opened, the wine should still be kept in a room that is not too humid nor too cold, to prevent the bottles from sweating or from accumulating dew. Even if it is the type of wine that needs to be placed on ice before serving, proper temperature for it should still be achieved, because once you put it on top of ice, you should serve it all up soon after. You can never go back to storing it again after exposing it to too much moisture, because the taste of wine will never be the same again. People who do not fascinate themselves in the craft of wine making and wine tasting may not be able to taste the difference. But for those who are passionate about wines, a single change in water content of the wine can already trigger a change of taste and they will be able to distinguish it.

To keep your wines free from water contamination, you must store it in a place with good roofing condition, so that rain would not drip through and contaminate the wines.

The room should also have the right temperature. You can also store it in wine cellars that will be far from any type of water formation.

Lastly, you should ensure that you have a good water line or pipe system that is safe from any possible water damage. For my friend, he frequently visits http://www.mywebpal.com/illinois/water-damage-chicago so that he learns more techniques and information about handling water damage.

Wine and water are both good drinks for the body. Water is an everyday necessity that needs to be taken by the body. Wine on the other hand, is a drink that people share for special occasions or for romantic gestures. While they are both great for the body, they do not go well together and so it is important that one does not contaminate the other. It may not be a hazard to the health if they do mix up, but wine will lose its essence when too much water is mixed in it as much as water will not be able to serve its purpose of cleansing the body when it has wine mixture in it.

Retired Navy Seal Turned Plant Lover

I may always be talking about being the navy and how my life was as a navy seal. However, there are also some other angles of me and my personality that people would not expect from a retired navy seal.

For one, I would like to confess that I am such a plant lover. A green thumb, if I could say so about myself.

Green House Made in one of the homes for sale in Oxford Al

Image Credit: paisajelibre.com

Now, I do not know about other plant lovers, but I for one, have always wanted to have my very own greenhouse in my backyard. It does not need to be big and fancy. It should only be just the right size enough for me to fill up with plants and enjoy pruning and spraying with fertilizers. It would also be a great place to relax and forget about the worries of work or at home. Having a greenhouse will also allow me to spend more time with my plants and have the chance to talk to them and ease on them my troubles and burdens of the day. It will also ensure that my plants grow healthier and lovelier than they ever could.

I am still in the process of saving up for that dream greenhouse and I know someday it will become a reality, just as much as it became a reality for a friend of mine that lives in Oxford, Al. She and I had been dreaming of our own greenhouses ever since we met each other and shared the same passion for plants and gardening. I’ll be heading over to her place by the end of the month to see her greenhouse and help her with a few more arrangements of the plants.

She shared to me that she had been saving for it for a very long while now and her husband gave her a generous amount for her birthday, to help with the making of the greenhouse. She immediately went ahead with the planning and construction while she secures her plants in their garage, as the plants wait for their new home to be completed.

She was fortunate enough to find a home for sale in Oxford that had enough space for the greenhouse to be built in. She recommended that I also get in touch with the real estate group that assisted her in buying that house, so that I could also be guided when it is my turn to purchase a home and lot that I could also built a greenhouse on.


Some people might think that spending too much for gardening is a waste of money and time. They do not know that having your own garden can be very helpful and that it is a very good way to escape the pressures of life and just be at peace with your flowers and shrubs and trees.

Navy Seal Approved Rifle Scopes

In order to locate and target their quarry with accurate and deadly precision, you must find a rifle scope so good that even a Navy Seal would approve of. A rifle scope is an essential part of a hunterís gear and is used more often than a traditional iron sight because it is more accurate and has a lot more advantages. There are more ways than one to find a rifle scope that a Navy Seal would approve of.

There are plenty of rifle scope reviews out there, but hear is my top list for any price range:nightforce scope

One of the more popular rifle scopes that are out there is the Nightforce SHV. This rifle scope is a high performance, robust and well-balanced scope. It has optimum precision, a 56mm objective lens, dual reticles and so much more. Even with all of these features, this rifle scope still stays under the $1000 price range. If you are looking for something that is slim, this lens is not going to be for you. Because of the 56mm objective lens diameter, this scope is a little wider and bulkier than the other ones.

vortex scopeIf you are looking for something that is a little lighter on the wallet, check out the Vortex Viper 6.5-20×50 PA. If you are a beginner looking for a rifle scope that is going to do the job, this is the best one for that. At under $500, the Vortex Viper is definitely Navy Seal approved because of its quality and precision and the reviews on it are great. This scope has an XR anti reflective coating for easy aiming in those bright morning conditions, a force spring system that stabilizes spring pressure and minimize inconsistency in aiming. This scope has a magnification of 14x and has a mil-dot sight for estimating range, windage and bullet hold power.


nikon scopeIf you are looking for something even cheaper than the other scopes, the Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600 is what you are looking for. The glass on this rifle scope is a lot clearer than the other scopes on the market and it also has a bullet drop compensator that can assist with aiming over many different ranges. You will also find an eye relief feature on this scope for added convenience. This scope of your best option is you are using a rifle that uses either 5.56 NATO or 223 Remington rounds. If you thought that under $200 was a great deal, then you are going to love this. There are Navy Seal approved rifle scopes that go for under $100, yes, $100.

The BARSKA 6.5-20×50 AO Varmint Target Dot is the best choice for a scope in this price range. It has a range of magnification of -6.5 to 20x- and is just as impressive as more expensive scopes. It has a 50mm diameter objective lens and focus adjustment and parallax safeguard features built into this scope. At just $75.00, a Navy Seal would even approve of this rifle scope.

There are many rifle scopes on the market that a Navy Seal would approve of that are used for hunting. If you are an avid hunter, then you know that a precise scope is the best for when you are trying to score that perfect kill.

Why Everyone Should Have a Funeral Insurance

Man Up and Get Your Funeral Insurance Ready

First of all, a life insurance or funeral insurance is something I strongly believe everyone should have. A lot of people might think that if you get one, you are inviting death and that certainly isn’t the case. This insurance will actually help not only you when you die, but also your love ones. Think about it if suddenly you will pass away, are you going to leave them with more financial problems?

Man Up and Get Your Funeral Insurance Ready

Image Credit: Insurance.com

The point is just to be prepared, and it’s a good thing that when you say goodbye, make sure it’s a “financially goodbye” too.

I have been in the navy for around 20 years and blessed that I am still around writing this. I have always been insured and I really know that it is a good thing. I see some folks around leaving their family without money, and remember it’s expensive to die these days. Getting insured is a really safe and reliable plan.

As a man who has a gun and prepared to use it in order to serve the nation, we are also prepared to receive a bullet in order to protect the nation. And remember, we can never tell if one day that bullet will land in our chest. We are briefed that at any time we may die, and that is a fact. But we are also aware that if we do, our family won’t have any extra burden but will have money to continue living, and be financially capable without me. That will surely ease my heart that I am not leaving them shabby.

You see what I’m trying to express people. If you are a certain person that people rely on, like having a family or kids or whatever that depends on you. Please don’t leave them hanging if you pass away, I know you don’t want that. Think of it for a second, imagine when you were a kid, and your daddy suddenly passed away and left nothing but more problems, that you and your mommy has to leave the house and sell it in order to survive.  That would be such a tragedy. But if he was just insured, you no longer need to leave the house, and depending on the insurance you may receive a lump sum of cash or premium that you get every month, possibly good enough to send you to college. Wouldn’t that be a more decent story than the first one?

Now that you’ve realized that, and I know you’re now thinking about it and it is kind of making you worry, get one! Then you’ll be able to relax and be assured about the future of your love ones. Even if you consider your job safe or you think you’re really healthy, no one can see the future and I really believe that it’s better safe than sorry.

Check this one I’ve prepared for if ever you want to have further details:


Tell-Tale Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

If you are a veteran like me, or just any man who has ended a phase in his life and is now starting a new one, then we are probably the same in the fact that we sometimes do whatever it takes to actually “do something.”

What I am trying to say is that, transition phase is not always that easy, and now that I have gone back from the sea and have ended my duty as a navy seal, I am pretty much always at home with nothing much to do.

This is why I decided to attend a seminar on home care. Just because.

Really, I didn’t need to go, but seeing that I had nothing better to do, I went. And I was not dismayed, because I really got to learn a lot about how to take care of your home. As men of the house, we of course, have to know these kinds of things because it is part of our responsibility.

Let me share with you the things I learned about how to know if your house is having plumbing problems and water damage problems that might soon let you need to contact a plumbing contractor in Oxford AL. Plumbing will be one of the most common problem that we would encounter in our homes, so it is best that I start giving off tips on this one. Also, plumbing involves water damage, and living years in the sea makes me want to have a good relationship with water, and not have it destroying my home.

Our house should be the place we feel most safe and secure. It is our area of refuge from all the stress and havoc of the day, and it is where we get to spend quality time with our families. Our house is what shelters our family from harm, especially our little ones who need all the protection and care they could have.

It is for this reason that we should always make sure that our house is in great condition. Our house should not be voided of the sanctuary that it should be.

One of the many factors that gradually destroy a house is water damage. This occurs when water accumulates in areas where it should not be, mostly due to plumbing problems like leaks and improper piping lines and systems. It could also happen when a natural calamity like flood, occurs in your area. Water damage is dangerous because it causes the materials of a house to become brittle and more susceptible to breaking down and wearing out. It is also a very good venue for viruses and germs to propagate; hence, it becomes a home for things that could harm our family.

In order to protect your home from water damage, you should be able to detect them as soon as they start so that you can call for professional help if needed. have local water damage restoration companies come over and fix the problem immediately, so that no further harm would be done.

Water damage and plumbing damages are not something that should be disregarded. It is understandable that water is something essential to life, but it has to be used in places where they are needed. When placed in areas that should not be exposed to them, water damage can pose a serious threat to people and homes.

Check your pipes and plumbing lines now, and call for help when you see signs of problems.

Perks of Being a Navy Seal

Image Credit: teenbodybuilding.com

Image Credit: teenbodybuilding.com

I served for years in the Navy. Now that I have gone home, most people have one question they love to repeatedly ask me, and it is a question that made me realize how much of a good decision it was to be part of the Navy.

The question is: What do you get from serving the Navy?

Of course, the obvious answer would be to receive good compensation for you and your family. Putting your life for your family has its price too, and its a good thing that the government realizes that.

However, because of this question being repeatedly asked from me, I also thought of other possible things that I got because I decided to join the navy.

One thing I had to do in order to pass becoming a Navy is to study, and to study really hard. A good mind will help make you think and make right and sound decisions when you are in the battlefield. It is not all guns and bombs and diving and maneuvering ships out there. Brains are needed to function not only so that you can perform your designated tasks correctly, but also so that you could formulate strategies that would help you survive during difficult times.

Because of this, I know that one benefit of joining the Navy was me, becoming smarter as a person. Of course, there is no saying if I would have the same determination if I should have taken another career path, but since this is the life I took, I am still thankful that I got to be a better person, mentally, because of this.

Image Credit: blogtalkradio.com

Image Credit: blogtalkradio.com

The next thing I came to realize is that even when I am already old, I still feel very young and healthy. Joining the Navy requires physical strength more than anything, and the only way for that to happen is if efforts are made to take good care of the body. Right now, even when I am off the hook from all the strict physical requirements, I still keep myself healthy because I am already accustomed to it.

I still follow this so called food list for caveman diet, which I got from this site called Paleo Compass. I have been an avid Paleo diet follower since the diet made waves years ago. Eating all natural things and following this strict diet has helped me a lot while I was still in the Navy, and even now as I stay at home and spend more time with my wife and my kid.

See, a healthy body is a difficult thing to achieve, especially now that the world is full of tempting foods that do more harm than good. If I had not been in the Navy, I know I would be one of those people who just eat and eat without minding what is being eaten.

Hence, this healthy body that I have write now, is something I really am thankful for because I know I won’t have this if I did not join the Navy.

There are still a lot of things that I know I got because I joined the army. For one, it is a fulfillment of my dreams. I have served with what I can, and I hope than young people will follow, too. I know it may seem a short time to serve but I have a daughter now and I don’t want to miss her growing up, and I don’t want her to not have a father.

Also, it is better to have the younger generation of soldiers do the battles for the country. For those who wish to become a soldier someday, there are a few things you have to work on even before you apply as a soldier.

Remembering Life at War

Image Credit: theenterprisereport.typepad.com

Image Credit: theenterprisereport.typepad.com

As I stepped out the car into the familiar pavement of our house in Anniston, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about my entire journey as a member of the Navy Seal. My family runs towards me and for the first time in years, I am able to hold them and hug them again, after suffering each and every night on the thought that I may never get to see them again. I am one lucky man to be able to render my service to my country and still be able to return home, whole and ready to play the role of a father and a husband.

After a few days at home, I was still not accustomed in the apartment we live in. I know the place very well since I was the one who designed it and I made sure it was securely built before I headed out for the sea. But somehow, I felt strange. I could not help but remember the life I had while I was away, with a tent or a barracks as my temporary home.

For one, the food at home was always very delicious and it was always a hearty meal. Yet during the first days of my stay, it was difficult for me to eat a lot. Maybe it was because back in the camp I was used to eating just a few so that the supplies would last, or maybe because I remember my fellow Navy seals that are still at sea and I imagine how they must be doing now, eating breads and flakes only.

Another thing was the people. I know, I missed my family very much and I am more than happy to be here with them now. They have showed me warmth and love and everything I needed to feel safe and secure now. But still, there are moments when I would miss my buddies in the Navy. The life we shared and the stories we collect along our journey as seals will always have a special place in my memory, no matter if we see each other again or not.

I asked my wife how she was able to manage the house with me gone and the children all grown up and being very difficult to look after. She said that keeping the house intact was an easy job since I made sure of it before I left. I was very meticulous in choosing the right apartment where I would leave my wife and children to. I wanted to make sure it was a sturdy place in a good and peaceful neighborhood, with access to all the basic and essential needs that my wife or my kids might need to get. Leaving your family behind is the most difficult thing to do, and so as I was about to leave years ago, I made sure that even when I am gone, I could be confident in the roof that my family is in.

I chose an apartment in an ALB LLC Apartment building in Anniston. I have never been more satisfied at the choice I made when I chose this place as the home where I would leave my family behind. The apartment became a memento of me, and it became my substitute in protecting my family against harm.

I am still in the process of embracing this life that I have again. Years in the sea made me fear that I would not get the chance to live in my home again, and now that I am here, it seems like the memories of the dangers at sea still haunt me. but I know someday I will be able to fight it off and succeed in living the normal life again.

Navy Story: Medical Technician

Image Credit: wikipedia.org

Image Credit: wikipedia.org

In any type of military force, there is always the medical unit. Some people think that those that fall under the medical unit are the not so brave soldiers, hiding behind the battlefield and serving their purpose only after others are already hurt.

This notion is all sorts of wrong. Soldiers in the medical unit are as important as any other. They may not be in the front line of the battlefield, but they work hard to make sure that the wounded are saved. You cannot imagine the terror that medical soldiers have to face every time they are asked to take care of a patient. The desire to save every life they have to save is not always satisfied. They all have the experience of losing a soldier in their arms, may it be someone they have come to know very well, or someone they have only encountered once or twice. No matter the case, the pain of failing to save a life cuts very deep every time it happens.

Given this, a member of the medical unit for the navy seals is highly respected and given equal importance like the rest. They hold the faith of our lives when we get in trouble, and they stay there in the battlefield almost unarmed and unguarded, since their focus is in saving lives and not fighting the enemies. They can be easily ambushed at times.

One of the few navy friends I had time to spend with was a Navy Diving Medical Technician. Beyond the stereotypes and the life-saving skills they must have, they also have the chance to train and handle mammals. By this I mean dolphins and seals that the navy uses to detect underwater explosives and other forms of threat that could be sent underwater.

This part of a Navy Medical Technician job’s is not very well known by the greater population. They only think that medics stay in their quarters and do nothing until someone is hurt. I was one of those people before I came to know my fellow Navy Seals that were assigned in this department.

Such a job gave a whole new meaning to their roles for us and it provided an image of fun and adventure that people never thought was possible. I mean, they get to be with dolphins and seals, who would say that’s not something to love about being in the navy, right?

Turning Dreams into Reality: Becoming a Navy Seal

Image Credit: bootcamp4me.com

Image Credit: bootcamp4me.com

I cannot remember at what age I decided that I want to become a Navy. I just knew that joining will make a difference. Not just in my life but for my country as well. Of course, I also wanted to be a hero. There are not enough chances to become big and important and if I succeed as a member of the navy, I can be very proud and people will see me as a hero. They will see me as someone who risks his life and gave up on a normal life in order to serve the country and live in the sea.

And maybe it was destiny that really lead me to be part of the navy. I did not come from a rich family and we were always taught early on to become independent individuals. Hence, I found it difficult to go to College and I really don’t have other skills that could fit in any other workplace. I had muscle and I have always loved the sea. I guess, I was just born to be a navy. Because of the navy, not only have I learned different skills for different purposes, I earned a college degree and experienced a life I would never exchange for anything else.

I believed I was born to be part of the navy and I lived it. I prepared my entire life for that moment when I would set foot in training to make the dream a reality.

I kept myself in shape, physically and mentally. I ran marathons and I jogged every day, without fail. To become a navy requires a lot of endurance and stamina, and one could never have that without proper care and exercise. I also ate accordingly. The navy only tolerates a certain amount of BMI. If you exceed that limit, you miss the chance of ever training for the team.

I know that no matter where one enters, the army, air force or navy, the training camp will be a very difficult phase and it will truly test the limits of a person. Knowing this did not make me fear, instead, it inspired me to never slack off my self-training phase, making sure that I would have enough physical strength to surpass the training when the day comes.

Once you are in for training, you can choose from the many specialties that you can work on. However, there will be limits to your options, depending on the score you get from the entrance test. Once you chose one, your training plan will be based on that specific job you decided to take on.

My navy life is a story I will continue to share. Now that the internet is here, I can share my stories to a wider audience. I know that some readers passing through this blog site are aspiring navy seals too, and I hope that all my blogs here will inspire you. These are not just my own stories, but stories of my comrades as well. Stories of adventure, love, tragedy, and everything else you could possible imagine happening in the middle of the great big sea.