Navy Story: Medical Technician

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In any type of military force, there is always the medical unit. Some people think that those that fall under the medical unit are the not so brave soldiers, hiding behind the battlefield and serving their purpose only after others are already hurt.

This notion is all sorts of wrong. Soldiers in the medical unit are as important as any other. They may not be in the front line of the battlefield, but they work hard to make sure that the wounded are saved. You cannot imagine the terror that medical soldiers have to face every time they are asked to take care of a patient. The desire to save every life they have to save is not always satisfied. They all have the experience of losing a soldier in their arms, may it be someone they have come to know very well, or someone they have only encountered once or twice. No matter the case, the pain of failing to save a life cuts very deep every time it happens.

Given this, a member of the medical unit for the navy seals is highly respected and given equal importance like the rest. They hold the faith of our lives when we get in trouble, and they stay there in the battlefield almost unarmed and unguarded, since their focus is in saving lives and not fighting the enemies. They can be easily ambushed at times.

One of the few navy friends I had time to spend with was a Navy Diving Medical Technician. Beyond the stereotypes and the life-saving skills they must have, they also have the chance to train and handle mammals. By this I mean dolphins and seals that the navy uses to detect underwater explosives and other forms of threat that could be sent underwater.

This part of a Navy Medical Technician job’s is not very well known by the greater population. They only think that medics stay in their quarters and do nothing until someone is hurt. I was one of those people before I came to know my fellow Navy Seals that were assigned in this department.

Such a job gave a whole new meaning to their roles for us and it provided an image of fun and adventure that people never thought was possible. I mean, they get to be with dolphins and seals, who would say that’s not something to love about being in the navy, right?