Remembering Life at War

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As I stepped out the car into the familiar pavement of our house in Anniston, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about my entire journey as a member of the Navy Seal. My family runs towards me and for the first time in years, I am able to hold them and hug them again, after suffering each and every night on the thought that I may never get to see them again. I am one lucky man to be able to render my service to my country and still be able to return home, whole and ready to play the role of a father and a husband.

After a few days at home, I was still not accustomed in the apartment we live in. I know the place very well since I was the one who designed it and I made sure it was securely built before I headed out for the sea. But somehow, I felt strange. I could not help but remember the life I had while I was away, with a tent or a barracks as my temporary home.

For one, the food at home was always very delicious and it was always a hearty meal. Yet during the first days of my stay, it was difficult for me to eat a lot. Maybe it was because back in the camp I was used to eating just a few so that the supplies would last, or maybe because I remember my fellow Navy seals that are still at sea and I imagine how they must be doing now, eating breads and flakes only.

Another thing was the people. I know, I missed my family very much and I am more than happy to be here with them now. They have showed me warmth and love and everything I needed to feel safe and secure now. But still, there are moments when I would miss my buddies in the Navy. The life we shared and the stories we collect along our journey as seals will always have a special place in my memory, no matter if we see each other again or not.

I asked my wife how she was able to manage the house with me gone and the children all grown up and being very difficult to look after. She said that keeping the house intact was an easy job since I made sure of it before I left. I was very meticulous in choosing the right apartment where I would leave my wife and children to. I wanted to make sure it was a sturdy place in a good and peaceful neighborhood, with access to all the basic and essential needs that my wife or my kids might need to get. Leaving your family behind is the most difficult thing to do, and so as I was about to leave years ago, I made sure that even when I am gone, I could be confident in the roof that my family is in.

I chose an apartment in an ALB LLC Apartment building in Anniston. I have never been more satisfied at the choice I made when I chose this place as the home where I would leave my family behind. The apartment became a memento of me, and it became my substitute in protecting my family against harm.

I am still in the process of embracing this life that I have again. Years in the sea made me fear that I would not get the chance to live in my home again, and now that I am here, it seems like the memories of the dangers at sea still haunt me. but I know someday I will be able to fight it off and succeed in living the normal life again.