Turning Dreams into Reality: Becoming a Navy Seal

Image Credit: bootcamp4me.com

Image Credit: bootcamp4me.com

I cannot remember at what age I decided that I want to become a Navy. I just knew that joining will make a difference. Not just in my life but for my country as well. Of course, I also wanted to be a hero. There are not enough chances to become big and important and if I succeed as a member of the navy, I can be very proud and people will see me as a hero. They will see me as someone who risks his life and gave up on a normal life in order to serve the country and live in the sea.

And maybe it was destiny that really lead me to be part of the navy. I did not come from a rich family and we were always taught early on to become independent individuals. Hence, I found it difficult to go to College and I really don’t have other skills that could fit in any other workplace. I had muscle and I have always loved the sea. I guess, I was just born to be a navy. Because of the navy, not only have I learned different skills for different purposes, I earned a college degree and experienced a life I would never exchange for anything else.

I believed I was born to be part of the navy and I lived it. I prepared my entire life for that moment when I would set foot in training to make the dream a reality.

I kept myself in shape, physically and mentally. I ran marathons and I jogged every day, without fail. To become a navy requires a lot of endurance and stamina, and one could never have that without proper care and exercise. I also ate accordingly. The navy only tolerates a certain amount of BMI. If you exceed that limit, you miss the chance of ever training for the team.

I know that no matter where one enters, the army, air force or navy, the training camp will be a very difficult phase and it will truly test the limits of a person. Knowing this did not make me fear, instead, it inspired me to never slack off my self-training phase, making sure that I would have enough physical strength to surpass the training when the day comes.

Once you are in for training, you can choose from the many specialties that you can work on. However, there will be limits to your options, depending on the score you get from the entrance test. Once you chose one, your training plan will be based on that specific job you decided to take on.

My navy life is a story I will continue to share. Now that the internet is here, I can share my stories to a wider audience. I know that some readers passing through this blog site are aspiring navy seals too, and I hope that all my blogs here will inspire you. These are not just my own stories, but stories of my comrades as well. Stories of adventure, love, tragedy, and everything else you could possible imagine happening in the middle of the great big sea.